Avsar Gurpinar

I live, teach and design in the UK. I am a lecturer in Loughborough University, School of Design and Creative Arts. I am a co-founder of Ambiguous Standards Institute. I am a member of Design Research Society, a reviever for The Design Journal, an occasional critic for DAMN and Monu magazines and autodidactic tennis player.

This summer between 19th and 29th August, I've attended to #SSOM15 Summer School Of Making at Howest IDC. This event is addressed to professionals, graduates, students and PhD-students from several creative-technical disciplines who want to learn hands-on techniques and perfect their making skills. The summer school of making is an intensive experience. Based on your personal interest, you will choose and attend in a set of workshops during the day and open labs in the evening. Workshops i've attended:
-Prototyping Experiment by Lieven De Couvreur 11h30 Chain reaction - Quick and dirty by Globetrade & Thomas Valcke Creax @IDC
-Laminating, composites, resin infusion Vacuumbagging by Matthieu Libeert MAT2 composites @IDC
-Arduino, soldering,CNC machine design & construction by Lieven Standaert @BUDA
-Circuit bending by Nerdlab @BUDA
-Wood turning by Mark Bode & Lucien Flemish guild of wood turning @IDC
-3D Printing & lasercutting by Bart Grimonprez & Lieven Standaert @IDC