Course: ID180 // Introduction to Product Design
Final Project: Container

Using the data gathered from production mapping, the students are asked to design and manufacture a container unit. They were able to get help from one or more workshops and work with several materials if required. They have had to plan and draw their products, talk to the workshop masters and explain their design, make it produced and present their work during class.

They were required to think about the concepts discussed in class throughout the year such as design thinking, crafts, tradition, industry, mass-production, sustainability, recycling, obsolescence, finity of natural resources and so on. Their design had to be based on -or reflect one of many of these concepts-, so they also had to do some basic research about materials, production techniques, examples of traditional and contemporary design.
The scope of the concept (container) is quite broad. Therefore, they had to think about several qualities of the container. First, what does it contain? A material in which state: Solid, liquid, gas? And what specifically?: drawing material, tools, everyday objects, a collection, milk, water, oil, eggs, earth? Answering these questions gave the students insight about the other qualities of their containers. From which material will it be? Wood (birch, oak, poplar, pine,…), metal (copper, aluminium, brass, tin,…), ceramic, glass, plastic,…

Originality, Preciseness, Justification of aims and methods, Relations of material, form and function.

Cargo Collective
Frogtown, Los Angeles