Started within the scope of the 3rd Istanbul Design Biennial, “Design Chronology Turkey | Draft” focuses on the 200 years of history of design in Turkey under 13 headings: ceramics, communication and advertisement, furniture, graphic, health, housing, industrial buildings, landscape, lighting, music, non-governmental organizations, packaging and toys. The chronology texts prepared by the project team called “Curious Assembly” are no doubt, tentatative drafts; it is best to see them as platforms that are open to contribution and discussion. The assembly sincerely hopes that the contents will be further developed and new ones will join the existing headings that all touch upon various aspects of our everyday lives.

Project Development and Coordination: Pelin Derviş
Editors: Pelin Derviş – Gökhan Akçura
Assistant: Barış Gün
with the support of Studio-X Istanbul.

toys * furniture * housing
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