Scholar, designer and engineer. Holds a BSc degree in Electrical Engineering, MSc and PhD degrees in Industrial Product Design. He participated in Digital Media MA program in HfK Bremen. He currently works at Istanbul Bilgi University’s Faculty of Architecture. His areas of research focus on critical design, cultural studies and history of art and design. His works and collaborative projects are exhibited in Istanbul Design Biennials, Istanbul Modern Museum, Milano Design Week, Designmai Berlin and Hong Kong. Recently, he has co-authored the book Daily Life Studies Publication No. 1and curated The New Domesticity: Furniture Issueexhibition in Dutch Design Week 2016 in Eindhoven.

Recent Works:

Ambiguous Standards Institute, ongoing research based design project.
M(F)aking between finality and instrumentality, Design Unlimited, Turkey.


Architectural Model Making In Turkey: A Tool For Thinking and Visualization, Exhibition design, furniture & lighting design, curator: Pelin Derviş, Studio-X GSAPP, Istanbul.
Stools as Tools: Tactical Units and Ways of Sitting in Public Space’, co-author Nur Horsanalı, Monu, Magazine on Urbanism #27, Rotterdam.
Two Modes: Playing Darzana, Rhizome, Work Life, Architecture, Culture and Art, Istanbul.
The Bride's House or the Era of Hyper-Rituals, XXI Architecture and Design Magazine, İstanbul.


Design Chronology Turkey: Toys, 3rd Istanbul Design Biennial, Beatriz Colomina & Mark Wigley (cur.), Istanbul, with Cansu Cürgen, Nur Horsanalı, Liana Kuyumcuyan and Günbike Erdemir. The States of Openness: An Educational Perspective, in Open Design For E-Very-Thing, co-author Cansu Cürgen, Cumulus Conference Proceedings, Hong Kong Design Institute and Cumulus International Association of Universities and Colleges of Art, Design and Media, Hong Kong. The New Domesticity: Furniture Issue, International Exhibition, Curation and Organization, Dutch Design Week 2016, Eindhoven. Design in the Age of Planned Obsolescence, in XXI Architecture and Design Magazine, İstanbul. 3rd Istanbul Design Biennial, Istanbul, Toyscape, curated by Beatriz Colomina & Mark Wigley, exhibited in Studio X, İstanbul. An Open Design Experimentation: R-Autoprogettazione?, Exhibition Design and Coordination, Studio-X, İstanbul. Tactics of Cultural Adaptation: Design and Production Characteristics of Toys in Istanbul, with Şebnem Timur Öğüt and Artemis Yagou, The Design Journal, 19, 3.


IABA, 3rdInternational Architecture Biennial, Antalya, AgCc DES. ARCH. IND. T. CO. LTD. LOL project, Antalya BECC.


2nd Istanbul Design Biennial, TWTRATE project, design and implementation, curated by Zoe Ryan and Meredith Carruthers, exhibited in Galata Greek Primary School. Gelibolu Peninsula Historical National Park Focus Zones Idea Competition, Mention, Çanakkale, Turkey. Vernal Workshops III ‘Collaboration’, International Workshops of Architecture, Design and Art, Istanbul Bilgi University, Istanbul, Organizer and Co-lecturer with Sophie Warren and Jonathan Mosley in ‘U-Topic Time’ workshop Dreams to Reality: Projections on Education, 13 March – 1 June 2014, Vitra Contemporary Architecture Series,Exhibition Design, Istanbul Modern, Istanbul.


Vernal Workshops II ‘Familiarity’, International Workshops of Architecture, Design and Art, Istanbul Bilgi University, Istanbul, Organizer and Co-lecturer with The Home Project in ‘Design with Origin’ workshop


1stIstanbul Design Biennial, 13 October – 12 December 2012, Istanbul, Instances of Imperfection” Exhibition in the Academic Program
Vernal Workshops I ‘Imperfection’, International Workshops of Architecture, Design and Art, 4-8 April 2012, Istanbul Bilgi University, Istanbul, Organizer and Co-lecturer with Tim Parsons in ‘The Craft of Imperfection’ workshop


“Designmai” International Design Festival, 12-20 May 2007, Berlin, Individual Exhibition.
Milan Design Week, 16-25 April 2007, Italy, Participation in “Five Senses of Istanbul” Exhibition in Salone Sattelite


Profile Intermedia 9 Media & Design Festival, 31 November – 3 December 2006, Bremen, Organization & Participation in “Veryfastfilmfestival” Workshop
Cargo Collective
Frogtown, Los Angeles