Artist’s Statement

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Domesticity v1 . critical design studio

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Velocity v1 . critical design studio


Art Maker Lab . spatial design

for Istanbul Modern Museum, December 2018.

Istanbul Modern is facilitating the realization of a learning center designed for children and youth with support from the Istanbul Development Agency. Under the Art Maker Lab Learning Center banner, this space invites children and youth to produce art using new technologies.

Art Maker Lab Learning Center is a specially equipped space that focuses on the artwork, the act of making art, creativity, productivity, exploration and the use of technology. Within the museum, this space is reserved for children and built on the foundations of art education. The center aims to support the nurturing of innovative and creative individuals while addressing technology as a customary aspect of life, and to build children’s sensitivity to art by advocating the interpretation of artworks.

Together with Cansu Cürgen, Mete Godollar and Metincan Güzel, we have designed, produced and implemented the logo, graphics, furniture and interior for the Art Maker Lab.

The space and its design, here, is thought in their entirety and interconnectedness. Thus, there are no walls and floor, but planes with different orientations, no furniture and graphic as seperate entities, but design elements in various dimensions. This means there is only one space.

Five different lines, which resemble circuit diagrams and with colors signifying different stations, start from the entrance, run on the vertical plane for a certain distance, continue on the horizontal plane to arrive its designated station, which is composed by specially and spefically designed furniture. Some equipment is put on the tables, whereas in some cases the furniture is the equipment itself.

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