Vardiya takes ‘Scarpa for a walk’ on three different perspectives.

On one hand we are taking our scarpas -shoe in Italian- to walk in factories and workshops Scarpa has worked or collaborated with, in his projects.

Venini Glass Factory, where Scarpa has worked as a designer in his 20’s and 30s, has opened its doors and produced two designs of him for Vardiya.

Ateliers Lemon -marble-, Zanon -metal- and Capovilla -wood- walked us through their studios and their history with Scarpa, who collaborated with craftspeople for many years in various architectural projects.

Visits to Scarpa’s masterpieces of Querini Stampaglia, Olivetti Showroom and … to name a few, illustrated the meticulous and precise work of the architect, always attentive to details. His magnificent mastery of working with varied materials and scales is simply breathtaking.

Finally, the circle is closed with digital and on-site lectures by distinguished scholars.

Tom Avermaete discussed the three fundamental questions of the Vardiya, the purpose, audience and possibilities of the Biennial.

In collaboration with Fondazione Olivetti, Mr. Giudo Pietropoli, a colleague and friend of Scarpa, gave an overarching lecture about the work of Scarpa -in Olivetti Showroom itself! -, his influences and inspirations from Gothic architecture to Japanese culture.
Cargo Collective
Frogtown, Los Angeles