This two-semester foundation course for architecture, product design and interior design students aims to help students understand the world through abstraction and conceptualization of their surroundings: shapes, forms, figures, colors, textures, materials, scales, space(s) and like -and use these understandings to produce organizations: designs as compilations, compositions, arrangements and rearrangements. Series of assignments intend to develop the skills of students in simultaneous efforts of analysis (reading/decoding) and development (writing/encoding) of relationships. While requirements and restrictions help them concentrate on specific aspects of design thinking, hands-and-minds-on experimentation within the 2-D or 3-D design space expand the possibilities.
The product and the process are equally valued in the design studio. The process is a semi-individual one which is supported via critical discussions during the studio sessions. The students develop skills in communication and evaluation design ideas while taking the first steps in critical design thinking. The process, as well as the product, is achieved via logging, sketching, taking notes and photographing.