Velocity: Transportation Design Studio conducted in Istanbul Bilgi University Fall 2015/6 semester points to critical shifts in the conventional studio structure in Industrial Product Design departments.
First of all, this studio aimed to break the common, year-based studio formation by experimenting with a vertical organization.
Third and fourth year students have participated in this studio, where the goal was to construct a studio system based on concepts and issues instead of years and requirements.
Secondly, we have tried to develop a holistic understanding of transportation in its widest sense considering the aspects of vehicles as well as passengers, infrastructures, regulations and urban life. Students have worked in individual and collaborative assignments to understand and reflect on the issues of transportation not solely from the perspective of product design but borrowing ideas and concepts from other disciplines such as interior design, service design, urban planning, architecture and art.

Asst. Prof. Avşar Gürpınar // Asst. Prof. Simge Hough
Billur Turan (MA) // Res. Asst. Fazıl Akın (MA,MSc)